Team & collaborators

Gino Martin

Gino Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University. He also studied design at Carleton University and Grenoble, France. The marriage between art and technique allows him to mobilize sound creativity, which was fruitful during his numerous years of experience in the field of design. In 2001, he completed a course in animation at ICARI, to explore new dimensions in imagination.
With Joël Proulx-Bouffard, he founded Dynamik 3d in 2005, and since then the entreprise has delivered several dozen projects in animation and visual simulation.

Joël Proulx-Bouffard

Digital artist, he invents and conceives visuals for all kinds of projects. The reproduction of places to be discovered are an obligation for his creation. The language of eyes, through photo and film, are surfaces to integrate little by little the picture of the virtual. Augmented reality, interactivity or simulations are goals not reached by man and the route for the outcome is not a straight line. Deconstruct, drop, smash the pixel, are all good solutions for Joël Proulx-Bouffard.

Laurence Bossard

3D Artist

Nicolas Marion


Pierre Del Duchetto

Infographiste/Motion designer

Roger Dufresne

Art Direction and director

Azzedine Mekbel


François Paradis

François worked in several sectors of the industry; among others, in video production, video postproduction and production of interactive environments. He has been coordinating and managing various stimulating projects for more than 15 years.
His numerous experiences as computer graphic designer and motion 2D/3D designer allowed him to provide training on several softwares during 2 years. This practical knowledge is also very valuable when it comes to project management.
Whatever the needs, he will find a creative and economic solution.
Infographiste & project manager

Jean-François Robichaud


Gustavo Soto

3D artist

Guillaume Tiberghien

3D artist